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This event is designed to help Veterans learn about the various ways that Internet Marketers are out there making a living so that these Vets can gain exposure to potential online careers they likely didn't even know existed. 
The ultimate goal is to empower Veterans to become self-employed and self-sufficient in their life after military service. We want to help them avoid being at the mercy of struggling to convince an employer to give them a good paying job, and to avoid all the pitfalls that so many of our Vets face in the civilian world....including ending up homeless on the streets and suicidal. 
Veterans go through the experience of being part of a very tight-knit community in which they have respect and authority, to suddenly losing that community and status and being thrust into the civilian world, essentially as a nobody. We want to show them that there is another community out there that they could choose to become a part of - one full of marketers and entrepreneurs who are both creating their own personal freedom and helping others to do the same. 
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Our military vets have bravely fought for our freedom, now it's time to empower them to fight for their own personal Freedom!

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